Dreaming of living in Crete?

With its wonderful weather, friendly locals and improved direct UK flights, it is small wonder many people are coming to Crete to spend their retirement, where a lower cost of living, provides a far better and more enjoyable lifestyle than can be afforded in the UK.

Recognising the needs of what you are looking for at this time of your life, Snobby is now launching their lifestyle homes – private developments of ones and twos – and unlike others Snobbys are designed for real all year round living comfort – low on maintenance, high on energy saving – and at a price which includes all the purchase costs, so you know the precise figure you need to budget, never a penny more.

With prices as low as 129,950€ for a one bedroom detached home, up to 189,950€ for a fabulous spacious three bedoom villa, you’ll find Snobby sites in villages along the coast from Gerani, near Platanias, towards Kissamos in the region of the picturesque fishing village of Kolimbari, in western Crete. Our sites are small and set quietly away, yet always within walking distance of everyday amenities.

You won’t find Snobbys on your own, so e-mail and arrange an appointment. Don’t worry, we guarantee there’ll be no pressure – there’s no need – and you’ll even qualify for free spending money too!

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Snobbys are the lowest prices you’ll find in Crete for quality new build detached homes

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