Look around in Crete and the houses you see are invariably anonymous; white cubes with no character you can identify with. However, see a Snobby and it is instantly recognisable.

A Snobby doesn’t follow Greek custom. Why would you have a washing machine in the bathroom? Why can’t you flush instead of having to use a waste bin? That’s not the way we think. Like you, we’re British, which is why Snobbys are designed with you in mind.

Every Snobby incorporates all the stylish good bits of a traditional Cretan village house – such

as wooden beamed ceilings, an arch, and stone corner quoins. We then combine all that character with the luxury of air conditioning and solar water heating, to create a spacious eco-built home designed for real, all year round living comfort.

Snobbys are detached villas, available in a range of different options from one bedroom, two, three and four bedroom sizes.

Send for our comprehensive e-brochure and discover why Snobby stands head and shoulders above all the rest when it comes to style, space and sheer value for money.

Comfort, space, privacy, location – you cannot better a new build Snobby home
To request our 36 page Snobby e-brochure CLICK HERE

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